“Five Stars…The Sonny B. Feelright Saga Is Addictive!”

I received the second book of Sonny B. Feelright as a birthday gift. I read it cover to cover in one day. Mr. Morgan’s story telling style keeps you turning the pages and before you know it you’re done. Several times my wife looked over at me and said, “You’re reading with a smile on your face again” I enjoyed this second book as much as the first and look forward to the third and hope to see Dwight Morgan on the best seller list in the very near future.

Clean Enjoyable Suspense

Great read from a new author. Mr. Morgan gives the reader a peek into
the cuthroat and nasty world of investment banking. A very timely story
given the corruption and self-serving machinations going on in the
banking interest these days. Could be the start of a new genre – banking
thrillers – along the lines of Grisham’s legal thrillers. Can’t wait for
the next “Sonny B.” story.
D. Meade 

Wow! It Has Got To Be, Sonny B!

This review is from: The Premature Demise of Sonny B. Feelright: A New
and Dangerous Career (Kindle Edition)

If you read the first in this series, ‘The Unlikely Career of Sonny B
Feelright’ (and if you didn’t, go get it now) you will know you’re in
for a treat with this sequel. Honour, honesty and humour are the pillars
on which this excellent comedy thriller are built, with a cast of
characters as unforgettable as they are unusual.

From the very first page, with brand new Feelright Intelligence Services
in the doldrums without any clients, and a sense of panic permeating
their dowdy office premises, you just know something is about to happen
to set you on a tearaway read through dodgy high finance, frustrating
romance, evil villains and unusual circumstances guaranteed to bring a
smile to your face, while you are compelled to keep turning the pages to
find out what comes next.

Go for it!