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Winners of the Readers Favorite 2012 International Book Award Contest were announced today, and both Sonny Feelright books were medalist. THE UNLIKELY CAREER OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT received a Bronze Medal and the sequel, THE PREMATURE DEMISE OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT, took Honorable Mention (fourth place) in the Fiction-Humor genre. The awards will help with marketing, but more important, it’s a nice validation to be picked among the thousands of entries.

Medina, OH – Two novels by Medina author Dwight David Morgan were medalists in the Readers Favorite 2012 International Book Award Contest, it was recently announced. THE UNLIKELY CAREER OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT was awarded a Bronze Medal and its sequel, THE PREMATURE DEMISE OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT, was awarded a fourth place Honorable Mention in the Fiction-Humor genre. They were chosen among thousands of entries in the annual competition, which is sponsored by Readers Favorite, a leading book review website.

“I’m delighted,” said Morgan, 56. “The recognition should help with marketing the books. I’ve gotten great reviews and feedback on them, but to be recognized in an international award competition is a welcome validation.”

Published by Outskirts Press, both books are available in soft cover and digital formats through most book distributors, including Amazon.com and Barnes & Noble. They also can be purchased on sonnyfeelright.com.

Morgan said he is working on the third book in the series, which he hopes to have published by next spring. “The books are a mix of intrigue, suspense and humor. I hope they’re as entertaining to readers as they are for me to write.”

The awards will be presented at a ceremony in Miami, Florida, on November 17, 2012, in conjunction with the Miami Book Fair International, a week-long gathering of authors, publishers and literary professionals.
The synopsis of THE UNLIKELY CAREER OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT, published in 2011, reads: Fresh out of graduate school, Sonny Feelright has high hopes when he stumbles into a job with a Chicago investment banking boutique. But he soon finds himself overwhelmed by the cast of egotists, incompetents, manipulators and crooks he encounters in the world of finance.

When evil hedge fund manager Nancy “Black Widow” Black ensnares Sonny through forgery and fraud in an audacious and illegal corporate takeover, Sonny faces a Faustian choice: participate in the scheme and accept the riches and career advancement it promises, or maintain his honesty and risk prison and career ruin. To save his integrity and himself, Sonny must rely on his wits and the help of two colleagues, the confident but fragile Charlotte McCardle, with whom he is falling in love, and alcoholic Simon Courtney, who becomes Sonny’s reluctant mentor. The book presents a humorous and sordid portrait of the world of high finance and the unscrupulous people it attracts, ending with the ultimate confrontation between everyman Sonny and demented Nancy Black, for whom winning is everything.

The synopsis of THE PREMATURE DEMISE OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT, published in April, reads: When a bomb blast nearly kills Sonny Feelright, he and his new business partners believe it was unfortunate coincidence. But when he spots a mysterious black sedan stalking him and faces two more near-death encounters, his life becomes a terrifying cat and mouse game. Who is behind the assassination plot? Evil hedge fund manager Nancy “Black Widow” Black, seeking revenge? Gangster Danny Byrne, sending a message from the mob? Or a determined terrorist cell with mysterious motives? Sonny must find the answer before it’s too late while at the same time competing for Charlotte’s affections with FBI Agent Adonis Manos. The sequel picks up where the first Feelright novel left off, with Sonny, Charlotte and Simon trying to get their startup forensic accounting firm off the ground. Little did they know that forensic accounting could be so dangerous.

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Readers Favorite Contest

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I was honored to learn that both Sonny Feelright novels were among the top five finalists in the Fiction Humor category of the prestigious Readers Favorite book award competition.  Both THE UNLIKELY CAREER OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT and its sequel, THE PREMATURE DEMISE OF SONNY B. FEELRIGHT, were selected among scores of entries.  Winners will be announced on September 1, 2012, and awards will be presented during the weeklong Miami Book Fair International conference in November.  Looking forward to reading the other three finalists in the coming weeks.



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